About Us

Inspiration & Origin

Always Home Connected, founded and led by Mary Anne and Debbie, two compassionate women with personal experiences in dementia, is driven by a mission to create a lasting impact. Inspired by the challenges they faced while caring for their mothers, they have transformed these experiences into something truly exceptional.

Addressing a common concern voiced by family members of loved ones living with dementia

"What are the caregivers doing with our loved ones on a daily basis?"

Always Home Connected provides caregivers and families with engaging activities, toys, and other products designed for individuals with dementia.


Our primary objective at Always Home Connected is to enrich the caregiving journey through a thoughtfully curated range of products. Our commitment remains steadfast as we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of those affected by dementia. The carefully selected dementia-friendly activities and products result from consultations with professionals, aging services providers, family, and friends. 

Our ultimate goal is to offer families and caregivers activities that promote meaningful engagement for individuals experiencing cognitive decline.

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