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HUG ANXIETY GOODBYE! Welcome to the world of Hugimals; Wonderful Weighted Therapeutic Support Stuffed Animals, the calming hug you’ve been weighting for!!

Hugimals are high-quality, award-winning weighted stuffed animals that “hug you back” to lower stress, boost feelings of calm, and help with sleep and focus. Hugimals combine the emotional connection of a favorite stuffed animal with the calming benefits of a weighted blanket.  Hugimals are intentionally and beautifully designed with input from psychologists and occupational therapists to make them the ultimate therapeutic calming tool — on top of being pretty darn adorable!

*All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary.

Products available through Always Home Connected are sold for adult use and are not intended for use by children.

Meet Our Hugimals

Hi, I’m Emory the Elephant!

I’m a gentle daydreamer who is happiest when snuggled up close. They say elephants never forget — and I never forget to help you feel better!

Hi, I’m Quinn the Koala!

I’m cuddly, patient, and thoughtful. I look at the world with wide-eyed wonder, and my favorite thing to do is to snuggle with you. I can’t help it — I’m a natural-born hugger!

Hi, I’m Sam the Sloth!

I’m the snuggliest sloth you’ll ever meet, and I’m always up for some laid-back lounging and cuddly hugging. Let’s hang out!

Hugimals Unique Details

  • Hugimals weigh 4.5 pounds. The heavier weight was advised by occupational therapists to ensure more sensory support.
  • Unlike other weighted plush, each of the Hugimals weight is distributed evenly throughout the body, head, and limbs, (rather than having the weight clumped only in the middle, butt or arms like many other weighted plush.) The evenly distributed weight brings an individual the comforting sensation that the Hugimal is truly hugging them back! 
  • Hugimals are Machine Washable (unlike most other plush and weighted plush, which are spot-clean only.) Simply remove the weighted insert and machine wash the outer plush when needed.
  • Each Hugimal has emotionally supportive neutral facial expressions rather than forced smiles. The sweet neutral expressions allow an individual to feel whatever they are feeling in a no-judgment zone. 
  • Calming colors found in nature and inspired by river stones 
  • Extra-soft fabric for a soothing visual and tactile sensory experience.

Hugimals make incredible gifts for birthdays, holidays, for a loved one going through a stressful time, or just because. When you gift a Hugimal, you are literally sending hugsthat loved ones can turn to again & again in stressful moments, when winding down at night, or anytime they need a hug.

Product Size

Hugimals are approximately 4.5 pounds and unlike most other weighted plush with weight clumped only in one area, Hugimals have their weight distributed evenly throughout their body, head, arms and legs, for the blissful feeling that they are hugging you back.


  • Approximately 11” tall sitting
  • Approximately 20” tall full length
  • 8” wide (side to side)
  • 6” thick (front to back)


Weighted with non-toxic glass beads sewn into a secure removable weighted insert, which allows for machine washing of the outer plush. 


Comfort and Calm
Hugimals’ calming weight is distributed evenly throughout the Hugimal — not just in the center like other products — so when you cuddle up with your Hugimal on your lap, tummy, or chest, you'll feel it hugging you back! Deep Touch Pressure (weighted pressure) is research-supported to stimulate a relaxation response from the parasympathetic nervous system, helping you feel comforted, grounded, and calm. Developed with doctors & therapists to lower stress and anxiety and increase calm.

Full-body Weighted Hugs
Hugimals’ weight is distributed throughout their body and limbs, so when you cuddle up with a Hugimal on your lap, tummy or chest, you’ll feel it hugging you back!

Easy Washing and Care
Unlike most plush, which is spot-clean-only, Hugimals' patent-pending weighted insert is removeable which allows for machine washing of the outer plush. Remove the weighted insert before washing the outer plush in a cold gentle cycle. Best to wash in a laundry bag. Then hang dry.

Focus and concentration
Weighted pressure can also help with focus, making Hugimals the perfect buddy for anyone.

Emotional support
Hugimals' neutral expressions are designed to support you in feeling any emotion in a judgment-free zone.

Safe and secure
Hugimals' weighted filling - made of the non-toxic glass beading found in many weighted blankets - is sewn into secure sections within their removable weighted insert for even distribution and added safety.

Sensory support
Extra-soft fabric provides a soothing tactile sensory experience. Hugimals' calming colors are inspired by river stones. Weighted Deep Touch Pressure can help anxiety, stress and sleep. It can also help with focus.

Delivery Info

The delivery time and cost depend on where you live, when purchased and if in-stock.

Relevance to Dementia Stage

Early Stage: Hugimals can be beneficial for individuals in the early stage of dementia. They offer tactile and sensory engagement, reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

Middle Stage: In the middle stage, Hugimals may continue to provide sensory comfort and engagement. They can be used to alleviate restlessness and offer emotional support.

Late Stage: In the late stage, these sensory items may still offer comfort, but the focus may shift more toward tactile stimulation and familiarity. Hugimals are versatile sensory tools that can provide comfort and relaxation for individuals with dementia at various stages. The specific benefits and usage may vary based on the individual's needs and preferences.

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