Choose the Best Dementia Toys From our Alzheimer's Store

Benefits of Toys for Dementia

As many as 50 percent of older adults experience some form of cognitive decline. Mental stimulation can be extremely important in maintaining an individual’s quality of life. Our dementia toys provide activities to stimulate the senses and exercise the mind, body, and soul.  All activities at our Alzheimer's store are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual and can be as easy or as challenging as needed to keep the individual engaged. So, if you’re looking for fun and rewarding ways to connect with your loved ones, we’ve got you covered. As a trusted Alzheimer's shop, we are dedicated to supporting families and caregivers in their journey of caring for loved ones with dementia.

Toys For Dementia Patients and Activity Boxes for Every Location & Occasion

Our sensory toys for special needs feature a range of activities and products designed to engage each individual at their level of cognitive, creative, and physical capabilities. Each activity is intended to encourage interaction while offering a sense of direction and accomplishment, without being too simple or undignified.

  • child and grandparents

    Connecting at Home

    This Individual Activity Box is designed for people with early-stage Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Each Activity Box will have a minimum of 10 activities. While each activity is different, the goals remain the same; stimulate the senses, inspire artistic and musical talent, encourage hand function and manual dexterity, and support the problem-solving process. Open and engage, and most of all, have fun!

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  • Connecting with Groups

    Connecting with Groups

    Similar to the activities curated for the Individual Activity Box, the Group Activity Box is designed to engage with groups of people who may reside in group residences or retirement communities. The more the merrier when it comes to group interaction and participation.

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  • Connecting On the Go

    Connected On-The-Go

    The “On-The-Go” Activity Box is designed to keep individuals engaged no matter where they are.  Traveling with our loved ones just became more fun!

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  • Connecting-with-Parents-and-Grandparents_886e691a-85c9-41de-b569-d286aa276c53

    Connecting with
    Parents and Grandparents

    The Parent Box Activity Box is designed as a gift to keep Mom, Dad, Grandmom, and Grandpop engaged. Whether it’s a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or just Wednesday, this is the perfect “go-to” box for fun activities and engagement for the whole family.

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Alzheimer's Toys and Specialty Items

  • HUG

    HUG™ is an award-winning sensory product designed to be cuddled.  Designed for people living with dementia to help those with anxiety and loneliness, HUG has weighted limbs and a soft body that contains a simulated heartbeat and a music player that can be programmed to play a person’s favorite music. 

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  • Memory Book

    Thousands of memories are amassed during one’s lifetime. Using a memory book is a great way for a caregiver or family member to interact with an individual suffering with cognitive decline. Reminiscing and talking about the past can be comforting to both the individuals with cognitive decline and their caregivers.

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  • Sensory Fidget Blanket

    This sensory fidget blanket is a lap-size blanket designed to invigorate an individual’s senses, provide tactile stimulation and keep the individual focused on an activity. It also helps to alleviate tension and relieve stress for restless hands.

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  • Puzzles & Games

    In addition to our Specialty Items, we have other sensory, stimulation and activity products that will complement any of our Activity Boxes. Additional items are sold separately and will be shipped independently from the Activity Boxes.

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All products are intended only for recreational use by adults. Always Home Connected does not endorse or recommend any product for any specific therapeutic use. You should consult a medical professional for health care or treatment advice.

  • Always Home Connected curates Activity Boxes to assist families and caregivers in providing mental stimulation and overall engagement for individuals living with cognitive decline and for those who may be experiencing Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

    Each activity has been selected in consultation with specialists, aging services providers, family and friends. Our goal is to make a difference in the day to day lives of individuals in cognitive decline, their families and caregivers.

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