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Qwirkle Game

Qwirkle Game

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Qwirkle: A vibrant tile-matching game fostering cognitive stimulation and social interaction for adults with dementia.

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Product Size

A standard Qwirkle game set typically includes 108 wooden tiles. Each tile is about 1 inch by 1 inch in size. The game board is typically 10.4 inches by 10.4 inches. 


The wooden tiles are made of durable wood and feature colorful, tactile designs. The game board is typically made of thick cardboard.


Cognitive Stimulation: Qwirkle involves pattern recognition, strategic thinking, and matching skills, offering cognitive stimulation and mental exercise. 

Visual and Tactile Stimulation: The colorful and tactile tiles provide sensory stimulation and engagement. Entertainment: The game offers entertainment and enjoyment, reducing stress and anxiety while promoting a sense of accomplishment upon winning. 

Delivery Info

The delivery time and cost depend on where you live, when purchased and if in-stock.

Relevance to Dementia Stage

Early Stage: Qwirkle is suitable for individuals in the early stage of dementia. The game's cognitive challenges can help maintain mental acuity and foster social interaction. 

Middle Stage: In the middle stage, simplified versions of the game or adaptations to accommodate cognitive abilities may be more relevant. Playing Qwirkle can provide entertainment, social engagement, and a sense of accomplishment. 

Late Stage: In the late stage, very simplified versions or modified games may be appropriate, with a focus on the sensory and social aspects of play. 

Qwirkle is generally well-suited for individuals with dementia in the early and middle stages, but it can be adapted to meet the specific needs

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What is Qwirkle Game?

Qwirkle is a strategic tile-laying game that combines elements of pattern recognition, strategy and matching. This popular board game was first published in 2006. Qwirkle is suitable for 2 to 4 players and is often enjoyed by families and casual gamers due to its simple words and engaging gameplay.

Qwirkle Game Supplies and Components

The game has 108 wooden tiles, each featuring one of six shapes (circle, square, diamond, star, clover and cross) and one of 6 different colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple).  There are 3 tiles for each combination of shape and color, for a total of 18 unique tiles.

What Is The Object Of The Game?

The object of Qwirkle is to score points by creating lines of tiles on the game board that share either a common color or a common shape.

Starting The Game

Before you start the game, (i) mix all the tiles face-down and have each player draw 6 tiles to start their hand; (ii) place the remaining tiles in a draw pile within reach of all players; and (iii) create a play area in the center of the table where players will build their lines of tiles.

Example Of Play

Players take turns.  On their turn they can do one of the following: (i) place tiles; (ii) exchange tiles: or (iii) pass their turn. To place tiles, players can either add tiles from their hand to the play area to start or extend a line.  There are no restrictions on the length of a line, but the line must be straight. If a player wants to exchange tiles, they can exchange one or more tiles from their hand with an equal number of tiles from the draw pile. If a player chooses not to play tiles, they can pass their turn.


How do you play the Qwirkle game?

The object of Qwirkle is to score points by creating lines of tiles on the game board that share either a common color or a common shape.  Players take turns by either placing tiles, exchanging tiles or passing their turn.

What age is Qwirkle good for?

Recommended for player 6 years of age and up.  Great game for grandparents to play with their grandkids.

Is Qwirkle good for dementia patients?

One of the reasons Qwirkle is good for dementia patients is for its easy-to-learn rules.  It also encourages creative pattern recognition and is suitable for players of various ages and skill levels. With all games, it depends on the individual’s cognitive abilities, interests and the stage of dementia they are in.  Some may enjoy the game while others may find it too confusing.

Is Qwirkle good for adults?

Qwirkle can be enjoyed by both adults as well as children.  Even though it’s marketed as a family game suitable for players 6 years of age and up, it offers strategic depth that can engage all ages, even adults.