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Introducing Twiddles®!

Twiddles® are soft, therapeutic comfort and activity aids designed for people with cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia to increase their flexibility and mental stimulation for daily living activities. Twiddle products provide a variety of textures, colors and tactile elements that can stimulate the senses. Twiddles can help and comfort those with diminished hand mobility, limited social interaction, or anyone soothed by repetitive tactile stimulation.
That’s what the comfy, clever Twiddle collection is all about: keeping hands and minds active and engaged, or calmed and soothed. A Twiddle makes that special someone feel they are cared for — even when you can’t be with them. Providing individuals with dementia with sensory-rich activities like twiddling can enhance their overall quality of life, improve mood, reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being.

Each Twiddle is made from a cozy, durable fabric. Tethered inside is a flexible, soft-plastic orbit ball. Twiddles are a reassuring addition to your caregiver tools and resources, and can be used in any setting.

Attached to the outside are three detachable gadgets:
  • A sealed satin or buckskin crackle pouch
  • A soothing strand of textured ribbons
  • A playful loop of colorful wooden beads

Additional features:
  • A Velcro® pull-tab for convenient attachment to a walker, wheelchair or bed tray
  • A name tag
  • Machine-washable

*All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary.

Products available through Always Home Connected are sold for adult use and are not intended for use by children.

Product Size

Twiddles are typically designed to be lap-sized, measuring around 20 inches by 20 inches. This size makes them easy to handle and suitable for placing on the lap. 


Twiddles are made from a combination of soft and textured fabrics, such as fleece, minky, and corduroy. They feature various sensory elements like buttons, zippers, ribbons, and beads for tactile stimulation. 


Sensory Stimulation: Twiddles provide a range of textures and tactile elements to engage individuals. These sensory features offer tactile stimulation and promote relaxation. 

Anxiety Reduction: The sensory elements on Twiddles can help reduce anxiety and restlessness in individuals with dementia. Engaging with the elements provides a soothing, repetitive activity. 

Emotional Comfort: Twiddles offer emotional comfort and a sense of security. The combination of soft, plush fabrics and tactile features can provide a source of tactile comfort and familiarity.

Delivery Info

The delivery time and cost depend on where you live, when purchased and if in-stock.

Relevance to Dementia Stage

Early Stage: Twiddles can be beneficial for individuals in the early stage of dementia. They offer tactile and sensory engagement, reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. 

Middle Stage: In the middle stage, Twiddles may continue to provide sensory comfort and engagement. They can be used to alleviate restlessness and offer emotional support. 

Late Stage: In the late stage, these sensory items may still offer comfort, but the focus may shift more toward tactile stimulation and familiarity. Twiddles are versatile sensory tools that can provide comfort and relaxation for individuals with dementia at various stages. The specific benefits and usage may vary based on the individual's needs and preferences.

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