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I was spending the week visiting my Uncle and was so sad to see his cognitive decline. A friend suggest that I gift him an Always Home Connected Activity box, and when I returned a month later for another visit, I was THRILLED at the improvement in his engagement that his caretaker said began as soon as they started doing the box activities. The sensory stimulation was amazing in the products, and the activities really gave the caretaker specific ways to interact with my uncle. This has made life SO MUCH BETTER for both of them!

Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop

  • Elyce C.

    I’ve been teaching for over 30 years. While I can connect with the kids I teach, I was having difficulty connecting with my mom who was in the early stages of dementia. What a great product and a wonderful way to connect with those who seem to be unconnected. The memory prompts accompanying each activity are fantastic. Such a simple idea and a beautiful outcome.

  • Jamie A.

    My Tia is in her 90’s. She gets bored easily. I bought her the Parent Activity Box and she absolutely loved it. Watching her open the box and take out all of the items was such a fun experience. It really made her day. She loves word search and crosswords, and the art activity was perfect for her physical capabilities.

  • Mary M.

    As a CNA, and after years of working with individuals with Alzheimer’s, using the activities with my clients has been fantastic. We love working together on the arts and crafts projects. It really helps keep my clients engaged and often times, they show off their completed projects to family members. The best part is watching the grandkids interact with their grandparents. Creating memories with love and compassion. Keep up the good work!

  • Ross N.

    After meeting a friend for lunch, and discussing our aging parents and the challenges of keeping them happy and engaged on a daily basis, my friend told me about Always Home Connected. I ordered the Individual Activity Box for my step-dad and it was truly an eye-opening experience as we created the arts and crafts projects together. He was a little slow on the music, but I know he will be joining in when he is ready. Thanks, AHC. What a wonderful way to connect.