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Rummikub - Large Numbers Edition

Rummikub - Large Numbers Edition

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Rummikub is generally well-suited for individuals with dementia in the early and middle stages, but it can also be adapted to suit the specific needs and abilities of individuals in the late stage. Customizing the game to fit cognitive and physical abilities is important to ensure accessibility and enjoyment.

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Product Size

Rummikub sets typically include 106 tiles that measure approximately 1.5 inches by 1 inch each. The size of the game board may vary, but it's often around 14 inches by 6 inches. The set comes in a box measuring roughly 14 inches by 2 inches by 6 inches. 


The tiles are usually made of durable, smooth plastic with engraved numbers. The game board is commonly made of thick cardboard or plastic. 


Cognitive Stimulation: Rummikub involves pattern recognition, number sequencing, and strategic thinking, offering cognitive stimulation and mental exercise. 

Social Interaction: Playing Rummikub with others encourages social interaction, communication, and companionship, which is especially valuable for individuals with dementia. Entertainment: The game provides entertainment and enjoyment, reducing stress and anxiety while promoting a sense of accomplishment. 

Delivery Info

The delivery time and cost depend on where you live, when purchased and if in-stock.  

Relevance to Dementia Stage

Early Stage: Rummikub is suitable for individuals in the early stage of dementia. The game's cognitive challenges can help maintain mental acuity and foster social interaction. 

Middle Stage: In the middle stage, simplified versions of the game or adaptations to accommodate cognitive abilities may be more relevant. Playing Rummikub can provide entertainment, social engagement, and a sense of accomplishment. 

Late Stage: In the late stage, very simplified versions or modified games may be appropriate, with a focus on the social aspects of play and familiarity with the game. 

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What Is Rummikub Game?

Let’s start by answering, what is the Rummikub game? Rummikub is a classic family game that seamlessly blends strategy and luck. Utilizing numbered tiles, players strive to be the first to lay down all their tiles in valid combinations of sets and runs. This dynamic and engaging experience transcends generations, offering a perfect balance of simplicity for beginners and strategic depth for seasoned players.

How to Play Rummikub Game

To enjoy the game and make things easier, it’s essential to understand how to play the Rummikub game correctly. Rummikub is a thrilling tile-based game that blends strategy and luck. The game is played with 106 tiles, comprising numbered tiles in four colors (red, blue, yellow, and black) and joker tiles. Each player starts with a rack of 14 tiles.

To begin, players aim to create sets (groups of tiles with the same number in different colors) and runs (consecutive numbers in the same color). The game kicks off with a mandatory initial move, and players can manipulate existing melds on the table. A player's turn involves drawing a tile and possibly laying down valid sets or runs. Jokers act as wild cards.

Players can manipulate melds on the table, but their initial melds must meet a point threshold. Subsequent turns can build off existing melds or create new ones. The first player to successfully play all their tiles wins the round, with their opponents' remaining tile values counting against them. Rummikub demands a strategic blend of melding, rearranging, and adapting to opponents' moves for victory.

The Benefits of Rummikub Game For Dementia

More than just a game, the Rummikub game serves as a therapeutic tool. Some studies suggest that playing Rummikub can provide cognitive stimulation for individuals with dementia. The game's structure encourages memory recall, pattern recognition, and social interaction, offering a meaningful and enjoyable activity for those seeking cognitive support.


What type of game is Rummikub?

Rummikub board game is a tile-based Rummy-style game, distinct for using tiles instead of cards. The game revolves around creating melds of sets and running to eliminate tiles from your hand.

How many players can play Rummikub?

Rummikub accommodates 2 to 4 players, making it an ideal choice for intimate gatherings or larger family and friend get-togethers. Its versatility ensures a fun experience regardless of group size.

Is Rummikub good for the brain?

Absolutely! The Rummikub board game offers cognitive benefits by engaging critical thinking, pattern recognition, and memory skills. It provides an enjoyable way to keep the mind active and stimulated.

Is Rummikub hard to play?

Not at all. While there may be a slight learning curve for beginners, Rummikub's rules are easy to grasp. The game's simplicity ensures quick understanding, and its strategic aspects keep players coming back for more.

Is Rummikub a board game?

While Rummikub is not a traditional board game, it does offer some of the same features. It's a tabletop game played with tiles, where players arrange and manipulate their tiles on a flat surface to create combinations of sets and runs, adding a tactile and visual dimension to the gameplay experience.