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Group Activity Box

Group Activity Box

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This Group Box is designed to engage groups of people who may reside in residences or retirement communities. The activities will be similar to those in the Individual Activity Box. Choose between activities for groups of 8 or 12 people. Each Group Activity Box will have a mixture of different activities for group interaction. Each Group Activity Box includes detailed instructions, memory prompts and the benefits to be gained for each specific activity. From art therapy to music therapy, the activities included in this box aim to stimulate senses, artistic and musical talent, dexterity, movement and logic. Open and engage, start creating beautiful memories and most of all, have fun!

  • Each Group Activity Box includes all the materials, accessories and instructions you need.
  • While most activities can be successfully completed by one person, the goal is to do these activities within a group setting.
  • Perfect way to weave art, logic and music into one’s daily activities
  • Every project is different from the next! Varies from simple activities to more complex activities and everything in between!
  • Creates a sense of accomplishment and purpose

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