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Tovertafel - The Magic Table

Tovertafel - The Magic Table

What is the Tovertafel: The Tovertafel (also known as the magic table) is a projector that creates joyful, social connections for seniors living with dementia through its diverse range of interactive games. Created in partnership with seniors and care professionals, these games are designed to cater to different stages of dementia and various times of the day, and to help manage behavioral symptoms associated with dementia.

Who can benefit from the Tovertafel: The Tovertafel has been designed to benefit people living with cognitive impairment. Through its 4 different levels, the Tovertafel games are adapted for people in the early stages as well as those in the advanced stages of the disease. The Tovertafel is also beneficial for healthcare professionals as it improves the relationship between the caregivers and the residents, increases their well-being at work and promotes interaction and bonding. The families of the residents can also benefit from the Tovertafel, as it enhances the enjoyment of visits and increases the opportunities for activities during the visit.

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